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    Some of you guys might know me, most of you won't!

    I hail from FA as a run-o'-the-mill smut peddler Pokemon/etc. artist.

    When I heard about the upcoming fruition of an all-new art site with up-to-date web design that welcomed regular artists and furries alike, as well as accepting both SFW/NSFW submissions indiscriminately (unlike some other art sites), I was pretty overjoyed. Had to get in on that. So, therefore, here I am, excited as shit for the upcoming Weasyl release. I hope that when Weasyl does go live, it becomes one of the new big names in the art community circle, and maintains a respectable userbase for years to come.

    all hail the new empire

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    It begins

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    Pokemon smut? Me gusta, needs moar Arcanine pr0nz :V

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibuuyk View Post
    Pokemon smut? Me gusta, needs moar Arcanine pr0nz :V
    Never drawn an Arcanine before.

    Or anything really remarkably canid. Unless you count Umbreon, etc. I drew those like once.

    Still, always another day!



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