Below is quoted from my FA journal. If you don't use FA you can fill out the requirements and send them to me via message here on Weasyl (devythespolf). Though for organizational purposes posting in response to my FA journal is preferred (devythespolf on FA).

The free raffle is in terms of requests. You meet the requirements, show proof that you do in your response to this journal and you will be given a number. After a certain point I will randomly select two numbers, the individuals assigned those numbers are the ones that will receive the art!

Some information and rules on the drawing/raffle:

NO begging. Begging is something a long the lines of "PLS PLS DRAW MY FURSONA I DONT HAVE ANY ART OF HIM/HER I WILL LUV U FOREVER IF U DO" you won't receive a number if you do that.
Do not note me for this. Raffle inquiries MUST be posted to this journal. The only exception is if you happen to find out about the raffle and want to take part but don't use FA. You may contact me on dA and Weasyl (name is same as my FA one.)
Watching me is not a requirement but is appreciated.
You can put someone else's name in the raffle if you prefer but each individual person can only put in one request.
Reference of the character in question is preferred but I will go off a very detailed, organized description that I can follow easily.
The detail and amount of work I put into each piece will be varied and I can't give any particular details as to how it will look. Since it is free art, it's pretty much what I feel up for doing; As in, it might be a bust, it might be a full body, it might be a sketch, it might be fully shaded, it might be traditional, it might be digital.
I have commissions to finish so this raffle will last a while. I want it shared as much as possible.

I reserve the right to change/edit the rules and info to this raffle when and how I see fit.

Requirements (post the following in response to this journal with the appropriate information:

A link that you've shared this journal (doesn't have to be shared through a FA journal, you can share it through another site if you wish):
Your FA/dA/Weasyl name:
Best way to Contact you:
Character Name (if different from your given screen name);
Describe your character's personality (or an expression you'd like):
Reference/Detailed Description of Character:
Other (notes/requests/things you want me to know that doesn't fit any where else):

And that's it!