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    Quote Originally Posted by Salmy View Post
    So the TL;DR is that everything I said is dismissed with monosyllabes, responses as 'adorable' and links to other issues?

    OK, thought the dev team and the staff here were way more open and nice, but now I feel dumb for wasting a moment of my life trying to help xD Ah well, good luck, anyway!
    It was probably the line where you said it doesn't take much work that made weykent blow you off. :U It's not magic, you know... you might not have meant to come off as it, but that came off as pretty rude, so... you know. Weykent and the rest of the coding team have been working their assets off to make this site shine, I'm sure, so you can see where that would strike a nerve. :U That's my guess anyways.

    It's usually good form to search for already suggested things, too. Four of those six things you suggested have already been addressed in some fashion. The sorting thing was added to the redmine, though. They do listen. The thumbnail thing, though... this has been beat into the forums constantly as of late. There's a sticky thread just for it. :v In short, please do make an attempt to search up things. ^^;

    I'm sure you meant well. I wouldn't take it too personal. Like Rory said, I'm sure Weykent didn't mean it.

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    I am sure there's a better way to say "this is not as easy as you think" than just saying a remark as "adorable"

    I mean it just invited a lot more hostility than necessary and invited now what looks to be an apology tour from others. In fact it's incredibly silly. If this isn't your suit to address the public by all means put it through someone else so it doesn't look as bad.

    I know what looks to be simply isn't exactly an "easy" fix. Even if people keep presenting the same problems that you've heard many times before, and show redmine links. I think what the other issue that has been coming across is that finding this information may not be as user friendly as you like it.

    I'm sure as one of the developers it is second nature to find those because you've heard them before.

    The reason the thumbnail thing has been beat into as late is simple GUI mechanics. You can make speed improvements and back end improvements all you want, but the first thing a user sees is the interface and that can make or break a site and certainly people's perception of a program at times. People may be forgiving but then people get loud about it. It's unfortunately the nature of how things are. I understand it's frustrating so you have to figure out a way to placate the users and at times well just suck it up.

    One of the reasons I had suggested in another post about having the News have past news items is that it can help people read up on what were past issues or if their issue was addressed on the main site. A nice little developer blog WITHIN the site might help too specially if you have articles talking about how you use redmine.
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