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    Resources to Help with Writing

    I saw that there's a lot of threads on how people go about things, and what books ya'll are currently reading with a snippet here and there of some good books for writing reference, but I haven't seen a thread dedicated to it yet.

    For those starting off or those needing a creative boost or editing and publishing help, I think it'd be good to stock pile a lot of this info.

    Resource list:

    Celtx - Free script-writing program. It also contains formats for novels, comic strips, plays, and storyboards.

    The Scriptwriter's Bible - Great for script formatting help, story telling structures, and how to create compelling characters, while also giving worksheets to use for pitching stories to producers and the like. Also contains many resources for copyrights, organizations for story writing, and more. While the focus is primarily scripts, it can be applied to novels and comic book scripts as well.

    The Little Book of Self Editing for Writers - Bridget Mckenna - Now 4.99 for Kindle (the author has made updates to the text) I've read through the first few pages, and it goes over how to find useless filler words, properly using adverbs, and taking poorly worded sentences and making them more exciting, all while giving plenty of examples. - contains a self-editing checklist for grammar mistakes and more. It also contains a free guide to Chicago formatting. Maintained by the author of the book I listed above.

    Lulu - A self-publishing website. Handles ebooks as well as physical books, and can provide an ISBN number if desired. Really neat site! They also provide services dedicated to children's books and art. - Defines the difference between words such as their, there, and they're, it's vs. its, and so on so forth to ensure you are using the right word correctly.

    Online Dictionary and Online Thesaurus - Extremely helpful if you're not able to have a physical copy with you at all times.

    Smashwords - Online publisher for your books. Specializes only in ebooks. (Note: Contains a lot of Dr. Who books!)

    Createspace - Owned by Amazon. Publish the book in both an ebook format and physical copy (easier for product listing, as doing one or the other later creates two separate item listings vs. clumping them together to my understanding).

    EDITS: Cleaned up the description for The Scriptwriter's Bible - no need to blabber on about it forever
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    I figured this could use some links and a bump, compared to Art General & Resources.

    Scrivener - $40, decent and worth it's price.
    FocusWriter - Free, simple & customizable. With optional donation.
    Google Drive/Docs - accessible, has add-ons and collaborative writing in real time.

    I'd list more stuff, but writing is a minor interest of mine. Plus this thread isn't stickied.



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