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    Conventions Subforum + Other Updates

    We've added a subforum to the Lifestyle and Hobbies forum named 'Conventions' for.. you guessed it, conventions! Please post any discussions relating to various conventions within fandoms there, and be sure to keep things PG-13.

    Additionally, since the last update, some things were tweaked and added:

    -All usertitle rank images updated to be more polished
    -'Supporter' user rank added for $5 donators
    -'You Tried' joke rank added - send a PM to a Forum Admin if you want one of these ranks. They may be changed to something useful in the future, but for now it's just for the image.
    -Archived Issues added and Site and Forum Support section organized and cleaned up now that we're using Redmine.
    -Added an optional gender field which appears on profiles/posts. You can edit your gender on the Edit Profile page.
    -'Sketchbook' and 'Critique' forum sections added
    -Forums are now HTTPS
    -Minor style tweaks and bug fixes
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