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Thread: Ohai~ :3

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    Ohai~ :3

    Hi guys :3 Obviously new here. I'm known by quite a few people as Stars, or Boomer. I draw a lot of more cartoony things, but I like to practice different things when I can. I animate on the side. I want to work on a personal comic someday when I'm not overly stressed about other things. I enjoy music, and animation. Especially animation!

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    Welcome Stars!

    An animator? What got you into doing that? I've been interested in the past but I was never curious enough to actually start doing it.

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    Hi Stars!
      Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀

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    I'm not sure what got me into animation. I'm more fond of 2D than anything else, and especially Frame-by-frame work. I love looking at the really old Disney movies and other movies, seeing the sketchiness of the lines even in finished animation just seems amazing to me. Telling a story through this format is just.. wow. If I could only motivate myself more, I'd love to do more than my few little animations.



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