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    A Great Big Adoptables Thread

    I guess this thread is both a question and a suggestion, namely - Is there a subforum or big thread for all adoptables in general, and if not, would this be a good idea?

    Adoptables are such a huge thing these days, it only makes sense to me for there to be a whole sub-marketplace for them...There seems to be usually a whole bunch of adoptable ads interspersed with the other stuff, so maybe one big thread consolidating them would make things a little easier to organize and filter through? I'm not saying it should work as a rule, where you HAVE to post your adoptables in the thread, but for people who want to spend their money specifically on adoptables, or people trying to break into the market, stuff like that...I think it would make it easier?

    Any thoughts?

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    I don't think it would be a good idea honestly. It really is a fad that I am sure will die soon due to saturation.

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    I already posted a rant about this topic in my journal, but I don't like them.
    They just seem extremely lazy and self-important. I mean, there's literally goddamned nothing stopping someone else from randomly coming up with a chibi cat with neon green hair and blue and pink sparkles. There's no basis of copyright to be had, here, unless someone is directly stealing the original art, or a very well-established, complex character.

    I just think the practice is kind of scummy.
    It's like tracing your own art for commissions. Except it's even lazier.
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