Skyeder here with new prices for commissions!

Just to clear a few things I am willing to do anything except things involving poo, pee, puke and gore.

Why should you get a commission from me? Well for starters Iíve been drawing for 12 years and digitally for 7. I have no problems with detail, I love detail (^-^) I can draw from a description alone and if you want something changed then Iíll do it, customer always comes first.

Donít be shy, if you are interested in having a Commission then send a message (^-^)

I will do anything else (^-^)

You can contact on one of these sites:





Skype: tyran_aque


All prices are priced with the realistic art style I do:

Flat color 15$ (10$ add character)

Full color 25$ (10$ add character)


Simple - 5$ Shading Is Extra Ė 5$

Detailed - 10$ Shading Is Extra 10$

Reference/Character Sheet - 40$

Emotion Headshots 5$ Each

Chibby - 10$, 15$ Each Extra Character

Sketch - 10$ Extra Characters Are 5$ Each


Flat - 20$ per page

Shading - 30$

Basic Background - 0$

Detailed Background - Negotiable

Black & White:

Simple Ė 10$

Highly Detailed Ė 15$

Each character is 5$ extra

Art Style Price Differences:

Anime Style is 3$ off