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If you want to kill a character off, it has to be for a reason, not just to kill someone off. It sucks, but knowing it will better another character and make for a good story will make it easier. Sometimes it HAS to be done. It doesn't have to be right away, but when that character has served a purpose, you'll know when their time is up. And if you have to bring them back, it also has to be for a reason, not just 'cause you like them.
I agree. It's hard to do this, even with the characters you hate. Fortunately most of the stories I write are short stories and love stories at that. So I rarely come across situation where I have to kill a character off. Though when I did, it was a important plot point.

Just keep in mind your end goal and that killing this character is somehow either improving the main character or allows the plot to move forward.