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    who wants to rp?

    5 characters are in my main account, under "characters". I'll add more later.

    green, human male
    orange, raven male
    purple, human or tiger female
    red, human or unicorn male
    silver, cat male
    cyan, deinonychus female
    goldenrod, human male

    basically i'm interested in a basically sfw rp, it can get a bit racy here and there i suppose, but it's not supposed to be smut, it's supposed to be an /adventure/!! hopefully with illustrations and storyboards to spice it up. primarily i'm interested in "slice of life" stories that seem to take place in a mundane world we take for granted, and then something strange happens.


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    I'd be interested. I prefer sfw and slice of life. My main rp character is Cazzy she is an eastern red bat. Message me if you're interested ^u^



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