Because we're kind of very low on members and I want to keep this forum going.

Feral Hearts is a modern fantasy rp based on Yaoi. You can be any sort of creature as long as it's not too powerful, and this is not a furry rp, so please no anthros.

Feral Hearts is a fantasy role-playing community based in a bustling fictional city surrounded by forest and scenic landscapes. Here there are two major academic institutions; Hokusei boarding school and College. This setting is placed in the middle of the North Pacific ocean, where residue magnetic energy travels from a mysterious ocean current from the Hamakulia triangle of the Hawaiian islands makes it difficult for the general oblivious world to accurately detect the island or even see it on a radar, and is rather a collection of different cultures and the inhabitants here are from many different places. The inhabitants here are an open-minded bunch, LBQT friendly.