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    no, really, i mean it, it's the no_really thread

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    Nice cartoon sketches. It is good to see you start one of these and I hope to see more from you.

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    aww I love the Dinosaur ghost guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammacha View Post
    aww I love the Dinosaur ghost guy
    Totally second this. XD

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    (mildly nsfw)

    took a stab at this. i'll need loads of practice and sometime i want to try again.

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    Cool and very fun work here, and nice use of color.

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    I love your cartoon dinosaurs!!! xD

    Anyways thats a lot of work but can provide great practice good luck!

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    I love the colors and textures of (what I'm assuming is) the natural media. Markers?

    i'd love to make rough but clear and effective storyboard type drawings of roleplays
    I'm not really good at giving constructive criticism, but I'll try: Stylistically, I think you're partially there. I love how fast and loose and expressive all your work is so far. Maybe you could practice on just the underlying pencil sketches to limit the amount of unnecessary strokes. Less underlying strokes will give your pieces more confidence without making them look too polished, since your inking alone already has that lovely, rough quality that gives your art so much character.

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    ^ aw thanks! I use alcohol markers and water based sketch pens, or if i use pencils i ink with a pilot 78g m and noodlers black ink. pretty much all of my sketch pens and markers are modified. the sketch pens generally have fountain pen ink in them and for the markers i do stuff that takes ages to describe that involved cutting the ends off sharpies and flushng them out and keeping the dye, points, and caps - or drawing out excess dye into pure alcohol, and refilling the sharpies with pure alcohol or extracted and altered dye. i love to tinker.

    i really really wish i could do smooth inking like i could years ago (over lousy construction ahaha) but alas, lately my hands have been shaky for some reason.

    but im glad you like te effect! (but the shaky hands drive me nuts)



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