I have read many books over the years and while I love books I am unfortunately a little picky with what I read. Nonetheless I have a little list and description of some books that I recommend.

'Once' by Morris Gleitzman:
This surprisingly optimistic book takes you on a journey with Felix, a Jewish boy attempting to survive the Holocaust. This book is written in a series designed so that you may read them in any order you like, however I recommend reading in order. A well written adventure that is perfect to really absorb yourself into and really put yourself in the characters shoes. While there are scenes that would be incredibly terrifying, they are written to be perfectly viewed and experienced by the reader in Felix's oddly optimistic and cheerful personality. Making a sad and very scary book oddly welcoming and relaxing to read. I recommend for young and adult readers.

'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton:
I remember reading 'The Outsiders' in middle school, it is by no means a difficult book to read or grasp. By popular opinion, it is considered the only book a child will enjoy reading at school. That being said that doesn't mean adults cannot have a good time reading this classic! Set in the 1960's with themes of juvenile crime as you follow protagonist Ponyboy Curtis (an odd name with odd explination) through his life being a greaser in the rough side of America. I recommend for young and adult readers.

'Flowers for Algernon' by Daniel Keyes:
If your looking for something more mature I recommend 'Flowers for Algernon'. This book was a very strange read and I regret reading it when I was younger as the story is not easy to follow for young readers. In this book, you go through the life of a mentally challenged man, Charlie Gordon who is approached by a group of scientists. These scientists wish to attempt to improve Charlie's mind through their studies from tests on the adorable Algernon the lab mouse. While the cover of this book may seem innocent and inviting, I warn that this book is not for those who are sensitive to psychological horror. I need to read this book again as I have forgotten the ending. I recommend this for adult readers.