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    A holy hell

    Looking for artist for colored sketch

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    I'd love to tackle such an interesting challenge! I'm no stranger to developing character concepts, nor drawing human characters for that matter. I can also work in several different media; since this is such a ground-up sort of commission, all I can give you is an idea of the quality of the finished product would be like, but here are a few ballpark examples using different media to give you a rough comparison:

    And of course feel free to look through my gallery to get a feel for my work in general; I'm a flexible and open person to work with, and I love brainstorming concept ideas.

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    This sounds like a very interesting and fun challenge.
    This may be a redundant question, but are you looking for digital rendering or traditional?

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    For a digital version of this character facing forward holding the snake it would start around $45 and go up depending on the complexity of the fur and clothing etc...

    if you wanted the same pose but without clothing I would only charge an additional $10 if you wanted a different pose, well we should discuss that as I would give you a discount for ordering 2 images, again depending on the details.
    Price listl

    For now I will refer you to my anime gallery...

    feel free to contact me through E-mail or here on weasyl.

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    Hey DD, I'm up for this, would be a snap and I can come in under your budget.

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    My gallery is a bit devoid of examples, but if you are interested in my art as just send me a message on the mainsite!

    May not totally be up to that skill level but I'd be completely willing to give progress shots and work out what you want exactly. :>
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    Always open for commission!

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    Im very up to this job. I'd come in around 60 dollars for a full body sketch and color of this all. Clean and everything! I have a paypal, so you could pay me through that if you wanted.

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    i'd be delighted to do this for $40, a little higher my usual colored sketch price. The reason for it being higher is that you are looking for smoother lines than i normally offer on sketch commissions, so it'd end up being more of a 'quick ink' than a sketch. If you'd rather have a fully detailed ink with flats, that's $60. i am completely comfortable with humans and have worked from photos many times in the past to achieve a realistic representation of a real person.

    You can find examples of my work on my Weasyl.
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