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    API Questions

    I tried to do a search for it here on the forums but the search keyword API it too short to search on. I always HATED that damn default restriction on VB. Pain in the ass doing any kind of technical searching due to all the abbreviations used.


    It looks like the API key is basically a persistent access cookie that allows limited access to various pages?

    So if I want to upload a new submission with the API I have to go through all the various steps and submission forms? No shortcuts?

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    yes. there's not a 'real' API (yet). this is an Eventually thing, but right now, there are people who are working on weasyl importers. I wanted them to be able to do things for users without requiring their password.

    also, it's not exactly 'limited access'. again, this is kind of a stopgap thing. limited access comes later.

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    A version 1.0 of the API is posted now.

    super early draft of the API docs: it's subject to change and incomplete, but it's something for now. ~w



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