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    If there was a way to group images together it would make it easier to read comics, that's for sure.
    You can group Artwork with Folders now. You can READ THIS for help with Making Folders and setting them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uluri View Post
    You can group Artwork with Folders now. You can READ THIS for help with Making Folders and setting them up.
    I understand that but that's not exactly what I meant. I mean the actual submission itself is a compilation of images rather than a single file - a set.

    What I thinking of is more or less like what they do at pixiv. You could submit a single image. Or you could submit multiple images at a time in one upload, and that would still be considered a single submission, where you can view the entire set upon clicking for the fullsize.

    This could be handy for comics so each chapter could be considered a single submission and then those chapters later arranged in a folder for the series. And it would also be good for projects or series that should be viewed together but difficult to place in a single image format.

    I have a few illustrations sets like this myself, and so far pixiv and tumblr have been the best forms of presentation for it (thanks to pixiv's illustration sets described above, and tumblr's photo sets), unlike dA or even Carbonmade where I had to put it all as one huge image file that has an unattractive detail-less thumbnail that deters viewers. I don't want to separate the sets as different uploads, however, because part of the effect is lost, and could possibly get muddled with similar sets in the same overall project. (Would linking to them help explain? Because pixiv doesn't always let you navigate if you're not logged in.)
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