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Thread: Crafting

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    I do jewelry, beaded and have started painting leather bracelets. I also paint masks, but have not found a good medium so they're kind of on hold till I can get my paws on leather masks or the materials to do my own. I do a little bit of sewing, but I don't have very good skills or materials

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    As crafting goes for me, I crochet, knit, create things out of stuff, draw, I've done some stuff with clay, and there's a number of things I'd love to do.

    I normally get obsessed with one thing and will do it hard core for a few days/months and then lose interest in it and find a new obsession. It's not as great as it sounds e_e
    Like I got into making rubber band bracelets, got thousands of rubber bands, like 6 looms and just started making them all day for like a week. Then I burned out on that.

    Well I don't know what else to say now xD

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    Totally dig creating things. Playing around with the paper mache clay from this site

    Made a large reindeer last year. pic can be seen here.

    Always making something. Usually a mess. Right now I'm making a four string guitar. It will be used to play old slide blues on.

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    Chainmail and amigurumi!! <3 So many talented crafters in this thread, gosh <3 I absolutely adore knitted and crochet work, as I can't do that for the life of me. Also people who can sew? Aughghh come here and give me some of your magic!
    I do a lot of different crafts myself. Mostly, I needle-felt and sculpt with polymer clay, and I like to combine the two sometimes to make art dolls. I've also slowly been getting into jewelry, making use of my sculpting skills with clay, and more recently by playing with copper wire and carving marble.
    I keep everything pretty up to date on my page-
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    Life is like that, so why not relax?
    Who can stop us from celebrating?"

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    It's nice to see other people doing amigurumi too! I don't take a lot of pictures of my stuff because I tend to give it away. I have one actual doll I posted here that I'm proud of though!

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    Even though I'm more leaning toward painting and drawing in general, I like to do some craftings from time to time, my favourite material is wood, so I primarly do woodworkings (especially boxes that I can paint on later...). I've also done some small things with modeling putty, but I'm much more clumsier with that...

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    I can crochet and knit, and I also make rope, for practical applications and artistic applications.

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    I don't know if this counts but I am currently obsessed with making wild grass into things! It started as braiding blades of grass together out of boredom and eventually I started making rings and bracelets out of the stuff. It dries and hardens in a few days and then its good for wear!



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