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    I've drawn a wide variety of bats over time, from toony characters to more realistic styles.

    Hi, I'm open for commissions and would love to work with you! I've got a good variety of different prices and commission types for you to choose from:

    Standard prices:

    Comm-mini (chibi) price:

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    I'm open for commissions and if contacted today then you can get in on my sale which is 1/2 off ALL of my prices ;3 Full body/colored/ shading is only $4.50~ So what you're looking for would be even lower depending on if you want full body, half body, or a head shot ^-^
    My most updated gallery is on DA and that's the site that I check most often ;3
    ~Let your soul run freely through your hand~

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    Hi! i would do like to make your commission!

    Sketch - simple or with shadow- 5€ / 6$

    *character profile (only draw)- 10€ / 10$
    *with background - 15€ / 20$

    Big draw - 20€ / 20$:

    little draw- 15€ / 15$

    draw with multiple character - 40€/ 40$
    I'm just a girl who want became a famous artist, but don't try to mess up with me, I'm Italian and I'm a warrior.

    The great suitor:
    Main Gallery-Devianart:
    various gallery- weasyl:
    NSFW- furaffinity:

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    I am quite good at drawing batwings, having had my own bat character to draw for a short while (much of my drawings from that time have gotten a little lost, but I assure you I'm up to the task).

    I have examples, prices and contact info listed here.

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    If you still looking for artist to do this commission, i'm ready to do it.
    Please check my price rate here
    I'm a Freelance Illustrator. I have 10 years experience in this industry. I have done over 1100 commissions from over 150 clients around the world.



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