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    Anyone want to collab

    preferably via google drive? I have a whole bunch of story ideas. Here is a couple I want to do.

    A) A couple of humans who have never met are soulmates. They discover that the closer to each other they get the more they turn into [insert species here] So through trial an error and lots of anthro antics they finally meet and fall in love.

    B) Anthro highschool.... i don't really have a plot but its a highschool. with anthros?..... you'd have to help out on a plot.

    C) Pitch Black club. Basically this one is about a bunch of nocturnal animals that all become friends and end up leaving home to 'go to the moon' because they don't feel like they belong. (they climb a mountain trying to get to the moon and figure out its impossible and the real adventure was friendship all along blah blah blah)

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    I'd love to be of any help that I can! I currently have a book in the works, so if I don't reply right away, I'm working on that.
    I really like your ideas, by the way!



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