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Thread: Hi hello ^v^

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    Hi hello ^v^

    Yo, Larkspur here. Been on Weasyl for a while but haven't made a forum account until now.

    Let's see, what about me? I'm a dryphon (dragon-gryphon hybrid), I stand 6'8" at the shoulder, and I'm covered with feathers. I like to do art and knit a lot, and read and such. I work with birds of prey in my real-life job and I care for my own menagerie of snakes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and a lizard. I tend to be just a little genderqueer, so I prefer "they/them/their" as my pronouns.

    I guess that's probably 140 characters by now.
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    Hi Larkspur :3 Welcome to Weasyl. That's super cool that you get to work with birds of prey in your real-life job. Sounds like it would be an awesome job I'm also jealous of your menagerie of animals. Except for the cockroaches, I'll pass on those, haha Px



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