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    Taters and Mash go Smash

    HELLO, I am a tater - also known as Masha.

    I'm in the USA, currently in the north-eastern furry capitol - I'm sure ya'll lot know where I mean.

    My pronouns are They/Their, so please don't refer to me as Ma'am, Sir, Miss, he, she, etc. If you feel uncomfortable with they/their (??), just use my name! Thanks!

    I'm an avid roleplayer, and my art-ing is due to this. I play tabletop D&D, and roleplay on furcadia (I'm on RolePlayRepository as Masha, if you want to check out my characters in detail!), and google docs! I welcome new RP, but am only interested in plotting and prefer long term!

    I've created (and am still working on) my own custom fantasy species, the Salma Vaasa, and like to spend all my time otherwise working on and creating as much new stuff as I can. :>

    I'm autistic, so I do apologize if I shy away from chatting, or come off a bit abrasive - I try my best not to.


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    Welcome, welcome!



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