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    Commission Descriptions

    Hey there, this is is a kind of feature request or improvement, whichever idk which… if this has already been answered, feel free to discard this post.

    I really like the Commission Descriptions stuff, but I feel it lacks. the Description box for one, I see it only allows 980 characters or less, to me I feel that's too short, I'd say 2,000 words being plentiful for the description box, 980 words just doesn't feel enough to get in all the information descriptions about commissions, payment methods and fitting in what is required. -- I did a word count check and I had fairly short description of around 1,508 words including formatting tags, I'd rather if the formatting didn't count towards the word count, (if) its even possible to ignore them as words to make part of the descriptions formatting.

    A useful thing is to add a word counter of how many characters are left;

    | text blah blah blah blah ---------------------|
    | ------------------------------------------------ |
    | ------------------------------------------------ |
    | ------------------------------------------------ |
    (1976 characters left)

    This be useful to comments too! users wont know how many characters they can use till it runs out and cuts them off. I'd rather like to see descriptions in Commissions box to have more than just 980 characters 2,000 - 3,000 characters would be plenty, and gives enough psace to th user to get out what they need to tell on their commissions.

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    I think the problem with having it set higher is that it allows people to post exceptionally long descriptions of things that'd be a chore to look at on mobile, and would result in pretty fugly formatting.

    Besides, once you're entering into 2-3,000 of plain text you're pretty much in storytelling territory and that's a different category altogether. I agree that it'd be best if formatting didn't count in the description character count but not sure how you'd go about handling that. :S



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