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    Handing line art is better than the pen tools art because you make easily drawing anything by the hand and one thing more important that the beauty totally depends upon the hand made art..

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    Other than a VERY brief stint with SAI's pen tool I always freehand my lines. Before working digitally I spent some time drawing with a pencil so freehanding just comes naturally to me.

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    I freehand mostly, but sometimes I want a really smooth line, like when I do tech, and that's when I use the pen tool.

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    Both I guess. I sketch freehand but I use the line tool in sai for my finished lineart.
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    Usually I go lineless, but for line art I use the brush tool with a ton of stabilization since my hand isn't steady.

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    I've used the Pen Tool on Sai for a while because I loved how even and crisp the lines were. Lately though, I've been getting away from it and using it only for long or difficult curves.

    I do like it for item art on pet sites (one of my main things that I am commissioned for) because if the line's thickness is too thick or thin, I can easily change it. If I hand draw those lines, I'd have to completely redraw them.

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