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    When I was 7, I was playing tug-of-war with my dog in our back yard. The object we were tugging on was an old, shredded bicycle inner tube. She had the end with the valve stem (where you put the air in when it goes flat) and she let go. It was stretched pretty good, so it came flying at me too fast to react, and the valve stem hit the bridge of my nose directly between my eyes. It came at an angle, so the resulting scar was a crescent moon shape on my nose. It faded over the years as my head grew and the skin stretched out, and finally disappeared completely.

    Scar #2 is nearly as old, but is still barely visible. It's a surgical scar in the............groin area. Yeah, not going into more detail on that.

    Scar #3 is much more recent, and it comes from a night of too much drinking. There was a huge party at a house not meant to hold the number of people that were there. I could barely move around inside, so I went out for fresh air. As I was walking along the sidewalk, I hit an uneven spot and face planted. It resulted in a minor concussion with a scar in my right eyebrow where I hit, much blood and puke, and 8 hours of my life I don't remember, after which I woke up in the hospital. It was fun telling Mom about that...

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    What about when it's a scarred tattoo? :v

    The only scar I got is a small one on my belly near my belly button. I don't actually know how I got it, but apparently I was highly accident prone since I was crawling.

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    I forgot about all the ones in my mouth. I bit my tongue a little bit in that bike crash so that has a scar now, and I've got scars on the inside of my upper and lower lip from the impact, and scars from screws they put all over all over my jawbone to hold them in place while they made a bunch of incisions under my lip so they could put some screws and plates in to reconnect my upper jaw back to my skull, and put my cheekbones back together. So my mouth is a mess right now with all that stuff still healing.
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    I have plenty of scars, like.. a metric shit ton of them. But the one thats most significant is the one on the left side of my groin due to my orchiectomy.

    R.I.P. number one.

    Oh and scarred brain tissue when I cracked my head open on a curb while riding my bike, had a golf ball sized hematoma in the center of my brain when I was 13. The scar tissue still shows up on cat scans to this very day. And that was with a helmet on, if I wasnt wearing a helmet I would have died.
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    I have lots of scars but most of them are pretty mundane. :\

    Uh, let's see... I have a scar on my abdomen from a Caesarean-section when I had my daughter.
    I have one on my right forearm from my mom, got me with her harpy-claws. e_e Loooong time ago.
    One on my inner left thigh from a bottle rocket or something, I can't remember. Happened when I was a kid.
    The edges of my tongue are rough and scarred because it's apparently too big for my mouth and I chewed it a lot as a kid and while I slept.
    Tons of scars from when I was an idiot.

    I actually have tattoos to hide some of my scars though. Stories I'd rather forget. :3
    Something interesting about myself.

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    Got a small scar on my forehead from when I was ~6 years old. I tripped and fell in the kitchen and my head kind of exploded.

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    Scar under my lip from falling on the ice and biting through the skin when I was a baby.
    Huge scar on my knee from getting lifted up and slammed into the ice by some douche. And my doctor can't stitch for shit so it opened a day later and got infected.
    Scar on my nasal root from when my mum cut me with a pair of scissors.

    And a metric-ton of other random scars, and a lot I want to forget.

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    Nick on my eyebrow (almost entirely invisible now): Was spinning around our living room as a kid, whacked my head against the corner of our old Magnavox TV. Hit right next to my temple and scared the shit out of my mom.

    Scars on knees: Various skating-related falls. All you need to know is that there's not much non-scar tissue left there.

    Scar on my hip: Was skating down a hill, got speed wobbles at around 20mph, went flying and ripped my hip open. You could see the ligaments and everything. Walked about 4 miles back home and let it heal up without scars, because in high school, I was super xhardcorex

    Scar on my foot: Learned the hard way about putting a slightly frozen porkchop in smoking oil.

    Scar on my middle finger: Learned the hard way not to procrastinate on school projects, nor to force a mat cutter through a piece of warped mat.

    Scars on my arms: In high school, I had convinced myself that it was the only way to make myself feel better. Long story short, it didn't, and I stopped doing it.

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    left eyebrow: when I was a baby I crawled headfirst into an entertainment center
    left hand: left by a patient at work who dug his fingernails into me
    left palm: got stabbed in with a pencil
    left bicep: cigarette burn
    left inner elbow: a stupid nurse didn't know what she was doing when she was drawing my blood
    right hand: surgery scar from fracture

    I have numerous chicken pox scars because I was stupid and picked them when I was little.
    My left arm as the worst luck.

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    I have a scar on my bottom lip and 3 scars on my left knuckles. Let's just say they're related.
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