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    A land of big waves and waterfalls, colder than an otters balls. (The Columbia Gorge)

    Scars make better stories than tattoos.

    Scars, just about everybody has them.

    List your scars and their stories, pics are cool too, I'll go first.

    Small line on my forehead: I was building a fort out of the couch when I was 5 years old, and tried to use a cushion as a bridge to the coffee table. The table collapsed, and I slammed my forehead against the coffee table. 5 stitches and my first concussion.

    inside of right eyebrow, a small line on the bridge of my nose, the right side of nose, right side of my mustache region, and a bigger one on the right side of my bottom lip and chin: Road rash and lacerations from my most recent bike accident that left me with a shattered face, and no memory of what happened.

    Bottom of chin: Was snowboarding in the Snoqualmie Pass terrain park and on my last run of the day I went to boardslide a down rail, didn't ollie enough and caught my toe edge and slammed my chin into the rail. 6 stitches.

    Bottom and left side of chin: A couple months after the snowboarding scar healed, I crashed my bike on some railroad tracks on the Burke Gilman Trail in Ballard, Seattle. I went over the handle bars and slammed my chin into the pavement. I reopened the previous wound, extended it and got a bunch of gravel stuck in it. This sucked. 8 stitches.

    Left Shoulder, silver dollar sized: went over my handlebars my first night as a bike messenger. Rode out the rest of the shift. Everybody was impressed that I toughed it out, and let me keep the job, even though I had showed up drunk for my first shift.

    Right shoulder one quarter sized and one silver dollar sized: another trip over the handlebars when I was off duty. I got onto my brakeless fixie on a steep hill and couldn't get into my clips, started picking up too much speed. Tried to pull a jamaican skid stop by trying to catch my foot underneath a pedal in front of me and pull up on it while pushing down on the other one, but it didn't go well, I ended up swerving into an alleyway, hitting a pothole and going flying. I decided to put a brake back on for a while after that, but now my bike is brakeless again, and I'm using clipless pedals and just trying to be a lot smarter about where and how I ride.

    Left wrist: Broke it skateboarding and had pins put in to fix it. The scar runs along my lifeline into my palm. About 8 stitches I think.

    Left and right hips: road rash from assorted bike and skateboard accidents.

    Left shin: Clipped my shin on a rail really hard while fruit booting when I was about 8 or 9.

    Right ankle: Broke it in a jousting accident when I was in college. It was a spiral fracture of the fibula, and I had to have a large plate and 6 big screws put in to hold it together. A lot of stitches... 12 or 13 or something. I was playing "Beer Spear" or Wizard Staff with some ski and snowboard instructor friends. In this game, you tape all your empty beers together into a giant spear, and once you drink your height you become a Wizard. We were doing "human jousting" where one person is the horse and one person is the rider with the spear and you crash into another horse and rider until someone falls down and is defeated. Comedy gold until Blizzard breaks his damn ankle.
    I ended up at the bottom of a pile of people and my ankle was doneski.

    Thumb: sliced myself with a box cutter accidently, while opening grain bags. I was milling in for a big batch of beer at the brewery I worked at. Luckily no blood got in the grain, and I was able to seal it with super glue and get back to work quickly.

    That's all the good ones. There are a few others on my feet and hands but they don't have awesome stories.

    Now it's your turn.


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    Right side of face: I had a skin tag and I got pissed off one day so I cut it off with rusty nailclippers.

    Left hand, side of palm: I was a lazy asshole as a kid and I shoved a broken glass jar under my bed. A few months later while I was cleaning, I stuck my hand in, went 'OW', pulled my hand out and there was a huge shard in my hand. Took it out, bled everywhere, passed out.

    Right knee: Falling a whole bunch.

    Left Knee: skidding down 30 ft of asphault

    I am not a smart man.

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    Left thigh: About 4 inch long, 1cm wide, was moving a couch in shorts and there was a staple sticking out that was holding the fabric on, it slicked up my leg and I continuously picked at the scab because it's a habit.
    Top of right ear: Had my cat on my shoulder as a kid and he turned to jump off, got his claw stuck in my ear.
    Palm of right hand: about 1cm, cut my hand open on a stick in the ground while running around on all fours as a kid.
    Right middle finger: All the way across the last joint, stuck my finger in a rabbit cage when I was a kid.

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    Giant one down the center of my chest to my stomach, heart surgery as a baby. Gets all the looks out on the beach. Mostly joking. Also comes with tube scars under each pectoral.

    Big one down the front of my right ankle. From playing basketball on an outside, wooded court with friends. Game got too intense, and I got shoved off the court while going for a lay-up in mid-air, landing right on a sharp stick that gashed into me.

    Stitches scar above left eyebrow, from getting smashed in the face with a giant rock tumbling down a hill when I was young, from two girls who were arguing over which could play with me. xD

    And I've lost count of the smaller ones. Those are the big three. Would take pictures of my chest, but doubt y'all want to see that.

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    Top of left foot: deep road rash from falling into a baseball slide while downhill skateboarding.
    Left knee: same incident as above.
    Right knee: BMX
    Left eyebrow. Friend got drunk, kicked a door open just as I walked by. Went on for about 12 more hours before passing out, had a minor concussion.
    Both hands and forearms: multiple 2nd degree burns from work.
    Sole of right foot: ripped open by water polo goalpost that had deteriorated into something nasty & sharp after years of sitting in water.

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    I have one in the middle of my back. From what I've been told it's from when I had chicken pox. I think I was about 3 or 4 when I got them.

    There's one on my right knee from having knee surgery. There was a tumor growing on the side of the bone and it got wrapped around some tendons. It was benign though so no worries.

    I've got a few little scars on my left leg (or maybe that was my right too) after being hit by a car. Luckily the car hit the bike more than it hit me. It's actually a miracle I didn't bruise my tailbone or anything though because I landed right on my ass.

    There's a burn mark on the right side of my face (near the temple) from a pressing comb.

    I have a pretty good scar on my right arm from walking into the handle of a bass drum. It didn't seem so bad until it started scabbing over though.

    And then I have another one under my chin from passing out on my bathroom floor. I probably should have gotten stitches for it though because it was pretty deep. Still have no clue why I passed out though. I got really nauseous and dizzy and then next thing I know I'm laying face down in my bathroom.

    Most of the other scars I've had are either from cats, insects, or they're too healed to see.
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    Back of right upper arm: My parents had a large dog that I foolishly took out on a leash when I was way too young to be controlling it, and it took off after an animal, and dragged me hard into one of the fence stakes around a neighbor's trees. Pole tip tore into my arm, and up the length, from my elbow. It's a small scar, now, but still noticeable if you look for it.

    Left knee: I was riding my bike down a hill, as a kid, and took a really sharp turn and fell onto the road pretty hard.

    Left eyebrow: My eyebrow piercing rejected.

    Both shoulders: Lots of noticeable lines from when I was in a pretty bad place in my head, late in high school. I would just get in the shower and grind at my skin with blades, until I couldn't feel anything anymore.

    Hands: Lots of little marks from cat scratches and such.

    Face: Some acne scarring, because I pick at my skin way too much.
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    ZIT-SCARRED AND UNPOPULAR, yeah I have some acne scars you wanna fight they make me look tough.

    Other than that, I have three scars on both sides of my chest from surgeries involving fixing my collapsed lung/preventing the other from also collapsing. There were lovely tubes shoved inside my body and sitting up was excruciating.

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    One on my forehead: Caused by a really dumb kid with a golf club. A lot of blood was spilled.

    Two on my right shin: The little spokes on metal bike pedals. They hurt.

    One on my right thigh: My ex-manager was a fucking idiot and left a coffin with real screws sticking out of it in the room I was supposed to act in.



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