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    Was run off the road while riding my old Kaw 750 with my girlfriend by a couple of rednecks that thought it would be funny to kill us "'Cause it's just not right that girl being a race traitor and all". At least that's what they said when the cops came to collect them. Hillsboro, Ohio, you just have to love these small midwestern towns that civilization hasn't reached yet. Ended up with both of us needing skin grafts. I had about a 2 to 3 inch strip of skin left on the inside of my left arm. The rest of it looked like a scene from the invisible man. You could see my muscle and bone in a few places. While the doc was pulling pebbles and flushing out embedded debris from my wounds I caught his eye and said, "That's going to leave a scar isn't it?" to which he responded in typical country fashion, "That would be a sure bet kid." The next thing I know he sticks a needle full of something into my IV and just as I was asking him what that was everything turned to black.

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    Scars definitely do make for good tales! Gettin' some good laughs from you guys. XD 3 on my chin, all separate times but same incidents. One in between my eyes, brothers got sweet aim. Think my latest one was the slit on my hand - I wanted to prove that safety scissors don't cut skin.. :3

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    I might have already told this story in this thread earlier, so forgive me:

    There's about a centimeter long scar right at the top of my head, just barely covered by my left eyebrow. I was at a movie theater with my friends, and I was walking pretty fast down the dark corridor on either side of the seats to catch up with them, large soda in hand. Some girl comes flying around the corner and bashes heads with me, opening up a super bloody gash on my forehead. She must have had a piercing I hit or something because she was completely fine. When we bonked heads she went down on the ground in the fetal position, and her boyfriend was like comforting her and asking if she was okay. I was just a little jarred, so I came over to ask if she was okay too. She looked up and took one look at me, then bounced right back to her feet and said "I'm fine!" I was confused at first, until I touched my head and my hand came away wet. I spent the whole movie sitting there with a paper towel pressed to my face, and I must have gone through like twenty of the damn things. I spilled my whole drink too. :<
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    -acne scar on my face
    -large scar on my knee from a bike accident, still a couple of pebbles in it (gotta get these removed, i know)
    -various hand scars from harassing my cats when i was a toddler
    -pock mark looking scar on thumb from punching mirror
    -patch of very faded scars from self harm in middle school
    -large patch of scars of many various sizes on thigh from self harm in high school + shortly after
    -small scar on top of foot from some woman tapping cigarette ashes onto my foot ????? fucken weird



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