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    Thumbnail images Deceptive

    I have been seeing a lot of posts lately showing close ups of a face or even the eye when in fact theres an entire character there or even something unusual going on in the image that I dont expect. Why is it even necessary for one to choose to use the crop image for thumbnail anyhow? I know I use it but just because I need to make the image a square thumbnail image. I try to keep as much of the image as possible in the thumbnail but alas I see some people heavily abusing this tool. Can we just not have it? Or is it too late to do that?

    Just wondering. Not upset or anything but it is a bit annoying...

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    How is that abusing it?

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    I really wouldn't call that deceptive. Some people abuse it but they're very few and far between from what I've seen. I'd rather people crop out the naughty bits in a picture as opposed to having the front page flooded with genitals and gore.

    And for some, using thumbnails for certain pictures eliminates the need to make custom thumbnails like "NSFW, Vore 18+" and things like that.

    Also cropping isn't necessary but the site will automatically generate a crop for you if you don't make one yourself.

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    indeed not.



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