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    Quote Originally Posted by BlissfulOblivion View Post
    Because I'm not good at this and am inexperienced? And habit? I'm really really new to this sort of stuff. I started doing gesture and things like this last month and still have absolutely no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going. And I've always done hairy line, so I wasn't really thinking about not doing it until now. It was never really pointed out to me before.
    And I know what gesture is. :I Again, I'm just not very good at this and didn't really think. Also, I wasn't doing chickenscratch stuff, I just ended up going over the same lines a hundred times so that it ended up looking like that. Plus I tried to erase stray lines to clean it up which did not work or help, evidently.
    That is fine, don't worry over it too much because everyone has to stat from somewhere. It just was strange to hear going from confident lines to unsure ones.

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