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    Hey, everyone! I'm Kelsey, aka Toyoue, aka Cheq. 'Been a member of Weasyl for a few weeks now, but just now decided to be active. c: I'm also on dA under the username Toyoue, and I have a sketch/doodle blog on tumblr under that name, too. I'll most likely not post any human art here, so if you're interested in that, go follow my dA or tumblr accounts/// My main focus animal-wise is the WARRIORS series by Erin Hunter, for which I'm currently working on a fan-made full color original graphic novel for entitled Golden's Law, followed by a sequel that is currently titled Spiderstar's Burden if everything goes well for the first one.

    But, that isn't to say I won't draw other things, of course.

    My main hobbies include screenwriting, art, video games, and television. I'm a big fan of many tv shows, including (but not limited to) Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, NCIS, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Elementary, and BBC Sherlock. I only read animal fantasy books, such as WARRIORS, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Silverwing, etc. For some reason they are the only book genre that I can get into. The current only MMO I'm active on is Lord of the Rings Online. Such a fun game, to me.

    I own a blue merle Rough Collie named Cadence, a tuxedo cat named Reba, and a calico cat named Gabby. I got Cadence from a fantastic breeder, but Reba and Gabby are both rescue kitties that fate happened to bring to my doorstep; which I am thankful for! I plan on my next dog being a rescue.

    Hmm... I guess that's it, for now. I hope to see you all around!
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    Hey there! I hope you enjoy your time here~

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    Thank you! I'm already enjoying myself; a lot more than I have at other art communities.

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    Screenwriting! That sounds cool, and welcome. You got some neat art.

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    Cheq! Welcome!

    Sherlock and Dr Who are my absolute favorite shows! Do you have a favorite season of the latter?



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