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    This could be interesting.
    I am a traditional artist by trade, but if you are interested I would happy to join this artistic collective.

    My Weasyl has samples of my work. Feel free to contact me if my work is part of what you are looking for.

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    This sounds like a great project! I'm interested in lending a hand. My base price for a bust would be around 15-25 USD depending on the complexity of the character. I am most comfortable with canids and felids, but I can manage other species if I can find decent refs. Here are examples of my work:

    I also have an FA under the username Qaoss. Drop me a note if you are interested

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    i'd love to join in this group project, or possibly even do the big artwork for the back of the jacket! i'm on both FA and Weasyl as 'farorenightclaw', and you can find examples of my work on both sites (more on my Weasyl since i post personal work there as well as commissions). My typical price for a small bust or chibi would be around $25 - $50 depending on size and detail. For a full piece like the back of the jacket, i would suggest flats or cel-shading to keep the image readable. Flats from me would be $60, cel-shading would be $80. Thanks for your time!
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    I would love to be a part of this! My prices range from $5-25. You can find a breakdown of my commission prices (and examples) here.

    Feel free to send me a message on Weasyl, or dA if you're interested!

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    I would love to be apart of this project aswell! here is a link to my FA:
    i always reasonably price my commissions. A full body with full color and shading from me is 25$
    please feel free to PM me if you are interested
    Any character you have i am definitively up for it!

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    That sounds really cool! I'm open for character commissions currently! :>

    My page:

    Price list:

    Examples: [NSFW! non-adult nudity] [Work-Safe]
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