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    Yo! Looks like this is going to be fun. You can find my gallery at:
    And my commission info at:
    As for payment, feel free to haggle with me a bit. I even do trades, like buying games and such.

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    I'm new here on Weasyl but I've been on deviantart for eternity and a half.
    Here's my gallery:

    A full body, colored and shaded picture would only be $20 USD

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    Hi there! If any of your characters are feral animals, I'd like to help you out. :]

    My prices range from $5-$25.
    Here's a list to my commission ID:

    Feel free to note me if you're interested!
    Thank you for your time!

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    Ahhh I wanna joinnnnnnnnnnnnn! *shot* I do chibis, semi-chibis, and crayon chibis. :3 You can see all the examples here:
    My prices are:
    Semi-chibi: $5
    Chibi: $4
    Crayon:: $4

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    If you're looking for an artist, my commissions are currently open

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    Iím interested; take a look at my logo portfolio for reference at:

    My price rates are her:

    Mail me at so we can talk about details, Thanks.

    Looking forward to work whit you.



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