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    Big group commission lots of artist needed

    When i say big I MEAN BIG. (half is going to be done via FA artist and half on Weasyl artist)
    I need to do payment plans on this. as a group of will be drawing all 115+ of my OCs,
    I plan to be putting this on a scarf and Jacket with hood set.
    If i like your art (post examples) then expect a note from me talking about how this is going to work, THIS IS A GROUP PROJECT!!!
    I will like one big back art for the back of the jacket with hood. It will be of Qiunx in human form with her wings. and ears. just a head shot. but still. (I am willing to pay a good deal for this one it is the biggest part)
    I understand some of my designs are really REALLY complex and we will talk about that.
    I am mostly looking for chibis/headshots/busts. If they OCs are dating ONE ARTIST will work on two. otherwise i want to have as many artist as I can.
    So i would love examples. I am doing this as a group project with lots of artist, as i would love to have lots of names and signatures on this set.
    I will be mailing this out to artist once I find the Scarf and Jacket i want to use and get the art for it. On each art bit you did I would love your signature. If you go to any furry cons i would love to meet you in person and get you to sign it. I may MAY do a paper and get your Hancock from you and have it fabricated and sewn into the inside of the jacket or scarf.
    FA: Scarf set
    Weasyl: Jacket
    FA/Weasyl: the Big back art of Qiunx
    Post examples below and if you can spreed the word. (i am willing to take on some new artist as well for parts of this but i really am looking for a skill so if i say no i just don't think your style fits what i am going for.)

    (so that is the information please tell me give me a basic quote and examples. I do understand that your price may go up depending on the complexity of design. And i will be doing all the fabricating to fabric. So by accepting this you accept that i will be putting your art on fabric and might have to size it down. I will not alter your art without permission as in cut off legs if i get a chibi from you to fit areas of jacket etc. etc. I will need all art done by DEC 1st... as i plan to have this ready to show to public Xmas eve. I will one day in the future commission another group thing only have it as a donation shirt i guess of lots of oc designs for a good cause if i can ever get this going right)

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    So basically, you'd like to employ a bunch of different artists and styles to make one huge group picture on a jacket and scarf? Sounds cool, I'm interested.

    One | Two | Three | Four | Five

    I have a Weasyl | FA | dA you can look at.

    I respond quickly with lots of wips via my commission email at

    Please email me if you're interested!

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    Hey, I'd love to join in. Sounds like a fun project! I'm very versatile, so just let me know if you want these drawn in a certain way. I charge based on how long a piece usually takes. Simple chibis and headshots are $20. Complicated chibis and waist-ups would be $35.

    Waist up: X | X
    Chibi: X | X
    Icon/Headshot: X | X

    Weasyl: Bri Mercedes
    DA: BriMercedes
    FA: Paper-Phoenix


    Looking forward to working with ya!

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    Where do you live and will shipping to the artist and back be paid for? If you are not located in the states, shipping will be outrageous to ship the jacket to someone to paint on it.

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    The jacket is not painted on per say. I will commission people for digital art then screen print it or attach it via fabric paper or something on to the jacket myself or professional have someone else do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qiunx View Post
    The jacket is not painted on per say. I will commission people for digital art then screen print it or attach it via fabric paper or something on to the jacket myself or professional have someone else do it.
    Ahh very cool, I guess I was thinking of the wrong type of jacket. I hope to see some pics of it once you finish

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    I'd really love to take part of this project! I'm very versatile, so I'll be happy to work either on the scarf or on the jacket (I'm on FA as well).
    As for what it concerns digital art, I can do you a cellshaded fullbody piece for 20$ (like these: ) or softshaded for 25$, like these:
    Considering what you have to do, they'll come with transparent BG.
    I love to work with any kind of species, form and design so I'll be happy to draw even your most complex characters! I take payments via Paypal and I provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. Completed image will be sent in high and normal resolutions!
    You can contact me via forum PM or Weasyl PM or FA note. Let me know if I can help you! ^^

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    I'd be willing to go for it depending on which characters I might be assigned and how much I would be getting paid.

    To save room I'll just link you directly to my galleries, some have certain works others don't.
    Dare to be wrong as I dare to dream

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    This sounds hella rad, please tell me you'll be posting pictures when it's done!

    As for me, you can find my price list here, and art in my fa gallery and weasyl. Good luck!
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