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    AspenBear here to say hey~

    Good day all you weasly-ers~! Aspen here of Aspen Arts saying hey!
    I joined weasyl a while back, but i want to be more into the community here, and i want to migrate over from FA fully, so here i am!
    Here are the places you can find me~
    tumblr- aspenbearski

    And here are a list of cons I will be at~
    Furry Fiesta- Feb 20th Dallas TX
    Artist thursday-monday [$120 of 300 raised]
    FWA- March 23rd Atlanta GA
    Artist Friday-Sunday [$0 of $500 raised]
    Anime Blues con- June 20th Memphis TN
    *Artist [$0 of 200 raised]
    AC- July 3rd Pittsburgh PA
    *Artist [$0 of 750 raised]
    MFM- Aug 28th Olive Branch MS
    Artist-Security Staff/Volunteer [$0 of 300 raised]
    AWA- Sept 26th Atlanta GA
    *Artist-attending [$0 of 300 raised]
    Fangcon- Nov Knoxville TN
    Artist/Dealer-Security Staff/Volunteer [$0 of 300 raised]
    MFF- Dec 5th Rosemont IL
    Artist [$0 of 500 raised]
    Im all for sharing rooms~

    I love meeting folks so feel free to come find me somewhere and chat a bit!
    I enjoy pizza, soda, vape, hookah and drinking at cons.
    You cant miss my fursona, shes a big 'ol female bear, blue, with a mouth on her tummy~
    Cant miss me at a con either. Just look for a floral hat and dyke clothes~ Im pretty easy to spot, even if im NOT at my table!

    I hope to stay here for a while~

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    Nice to meet youuuu~ Hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Hi Aspen Bear, nice to meet you! I'd recommend looking at the date some of the 'artsit wanted' threads before posting in them. Many are a year old and likely the commissioner is not going to see your post.

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    syracuse, new york
    Hurray! Welcome! I love your arts long time.



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