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    -disable- collection feature notifications

    • I really like the feature, but as a follower of many artists on here it can get often tiring to see one piece being added to countless collections and repeated over and over. For example today I logged in to 111 collection pieces (that I have already seen because it's an artist I follow) and 1 actually new art piece. That's why I'm asking for an ability to disable notifications for the collection feature, I wouldn't mind manually for every artist I watch or in general. Either would work great.

      Thank you for reading~~

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    If you go to this page: you can tweak the notifications you get from each user. If you turn off 'Submissions collected by this user' you should no longer receive notifications about art they collect.

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    • Ahhhhh I see, I didn't know there was such an option available. Alright thank you so much!



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