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    Less Tedious Markdown Codes

    Because they're tedious and adding an icon anywhere on the site would involve any non-technical (or memory impaired) person to have to constantly refer to the help page to copy and paste it. I just gave up posting them and link the pages by typing them out instead, so I just thought I'd voice the inconvenience I feel in something that's extremely simple on communities like deviantART.

    Obviously it's not the most urgent problem to point at, but it's a problem nonetheless. Ease of use should apply to everything, not just the submission and browsing process.


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    Consider contributing to the discussion over in this thread

  3.   This is the last staff post in this thread.   #3

    Your feedback (and feedback from others) has been heard! We are planning a simplified way of linking users in Markdown, and there is an open issue for it! You can browse it here:

    xarg is referring to a request to convert bbcode to Markdown on the server side, and there are no plans to do this. That said, we’re working on the Markdown user linking!




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