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    Entire Image as thumbnail, instead of HAVING to crop it?

    Can we get this, please? It's very annoying, seeing just cropped images. I do it myself because it's the lesser of two evils: either I can crop in and make the thumbnail of a detailed part of the image (usually the faces), or I'm FORCED to make a perfectly square thumbnail, which, on most images, results in stuff getting cropped off oddly. The thumbnails are of high quality, so why can't it encompass the whole image? Are they working on this, I hope? Every other site has it...
    - FK

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    It's something that's apparently in the works already.

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    This has been discussed to death. Quoting aden from this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by aden
    Re: thumbnails, don't worry guys, we're not ignoring you! Changing these over to full previews (yes, non-square) is a component of another effort that we'll hopefully get out to you in the near future. Really sorry about the lack of feedback from our end regarding this
    Please use this thread to discuss failures with the thumbnails system rather than making a new thread.




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