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    - ★ - Czech Insignio Lark was her name, and it was true that absolutely not a single soul knew her. She was formally from Sweden and it is unknown how she got here, even she doesn't know. Everything about her past is just a loop of film. Parents, names, playing in the dark, and back to the beginning. Czech never talked about it anymore. She knew it was pointless and the questions would never stop. They never did, and after a few tries, she decided never to speak of it to anyone. It shouldn't be hard here, right? She knew no one and no one knew her. Simple and easy.

    - ★ - Czech was often called Insignio to those who had just met her for she preferred the name. It was something that her parents called her for they loved extravagant names as well as countries, thus her primary name being Czech, as in Czech Republic. As for looks, Czech wasn't something you see everyday. Her genetic code had been altered when a nuclear plant malfunctioned near her home before she was born. Her parents both got caught in the mess and in the process, something in the liquids flowing from the building soaked her mother's skin causing pains, vomiting, and lack of hydration. When the litter was born, there were some natural looking colors, but the markings were unnatural and a few had a saturated blue color painted in stripes across their bodies.

    - ★ - Czech was one of the unlucky ones to be dashed with this blue shade in stripes across her tail. Three, thick stripes. The rest of her was cream and brown. The base color was creamy looking, like a white wolf who took a dust bath. Her ears, eyes, toes, and paw pads are a dark chocolaty brown. As for other markings, she had stockings a lighter shade then her base color. It also covered her muzzle, which was completed with a darker outline around it for character. As for that funny looking tail, the base color was a light sky like blue, with three darker and saturated strips, all horizontal and equally thick. Then, to finish it off are those strange markings. You wouldn't normally find them on any animal really... Two box looking shapes made of the lightest cream color, outlined with the chocolaty brown. The slightly larger one lays across her shoulders like a saddle that has been pushed up a little far. The second is slightly smaller and is a few inches away from the base of the first one.

    - ★ - Czech's build is exactly that of the Manned Wolf. Tall and lanky, thin and fragile looking, that's Czech. Sadly, she isn't anywhere close to a vibrate shade of red or orange... But her cream and brown hues make it a little easier to hide in the woods, save for her blue tail. Ahh the woods. That is where she lurked around most of the time, minding her own business and preferring not to make too many friends for it might ruin her in the end. Czech didn't know who to trust, so she trusted no one. Nothing to do with trust issues, she just didn't want to be the outcast if any rumors spread, etc.

    - ★ - So, there she was, walking slowly around through the trees, careful not to make a single sound. Being familiar with her surroundings was always something Czech took pride in knowing. All the pathways, hiding spots, ravines, and ditches. That way, she wouldn't get lost and always was in the know of where to go when something troubles her. Her brown ears flickered at the sound of birds fluttering away, but it didn't unhinge her stance like it would any other adolescent. No, not Czech. It was her goal not to be fazed by sudden noises and appearances.

    - ★ - Breathing an almost inaudible sigh the Manned Wolf paused her surveying to sit and listen to the world around her. It was calming and it let her thoughts run freely. Soon enough, she was lost in a world created in her mind, made out of silly thoughts and whatever memories she had left.... [ 700 words ] [ private after first post ]

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    To what did he owe the sound that had woken him from his slumber? A grumpy pout? A growl? An angry snap of fangs in the sound's general direction? How about all of the above?

    Azyr thought of himself as an amiable fellow but to those that didn't have the decency to watch how loudly they were scuffling through leaves and arguing, there would be no pity. From his irritated first head, that resembled that of a fanged and horned rabbit, there was a pout and slight growl at a pair of chipmunks that had gotten too close. However, the second head -- which was cleverly disguised as a tail-- a fierce snarl erupted as it lunged towards the hapless pair with a gnashing of fangs. Terrified, the pair of small creatures scuttled away back to their burrows to leave the sleeping beast be.

    With an annoyed huff Azyr lowered his head onto his paws and closed his eyes while the second-head he affectionately called "Cuddles" kept a vigilant watch on the nearby area to make sure that its master wasn't snuck up on. For a while nothing bothered the creature but he was unable to drift back into sleep. He turned this way and that, changed positions, and even tried moving to a different spot to make himself even more comfortable but it was to no avail. The poor animal had already been awakened and now there was no going back to sleep.

    His pink eyes with their strange gray sclera and mismatched pupils opened and blinked sleepily. Finally his head raised from his small paws as he gave a yawn that exposed the sharp teeth inside his mouth as well as the two blunt fangs that hung from his upper lip. When his mouth closed the animal gave his head a shake that made his hanging ears flop and finally rest comically atop his head. With good humor he used one paw to dislodge them before rising to his feet and giving a cat-like stretch of his short legs. Now that he was all woken up he was ready to go.

    On an unspoken command the head that sat at the end of his long, dark tail folded up into its furry end and hid itself away. Now Azyr appeared to be an almost normal creature, minus the little gray and blue horns on his head and blue markings that seemed to almost glow in the dim light of the forest. The blue nose and blue tongue would also be enough to set others off to see that he wasn't quite the normal animal that you would see roaming the forest. Even the strange creature himself knew that he was no normal animal though he did have some memories of his parents. Normal animals had parents, yes, but he also had other memories... Memories of being in a strange place with steel walls and humans. He had reason to believe that humans had something to do with why he was so strange and had yet to meet another like him. Ah well, if he wasn't to meet another like himself then it would do to talk to someone not like himself. In all of his years he had met a lot of creatures, many of them had been quite interesting.

    Azyr's nose led him, after about an hour and a half of walking, to a fallen tree that had started to rot. A gurgle in his belly told him that this was a piece of deceased plant that he wanted to be around. Quickly he trotted over to the trunk and listened, the sound of a thousand scuttering bodies led him to confirm what he suspected. Insects were inhabiting this rotten tree.

    Wasting no time the creature used his blunt fangs to bite into the wood, this he did a few times until he opened a hole in the trunk where he could reach the bugs. He used his blue tongue to scoop out some larvae and beetles that were crawling around in the dead wood, which there were plenty of. Once finished he left the tree and used his paw to clean pieces of wood and bug from his muzzle. His belly was quite full after that and he was thinking to himself of how delightful it would be to have a quick nap but a sound came to his ears which interrupted his musings on sleep; one didn't have ears quite as large as his without being able to hear things rather easily from far away. From what he heard, it sounded like the deep breathing of a resting animal but not the resting animals that you normally heard like birds or rodents, it was something substantially larger. This piqued the curious beast's interest as he followed his ears to the source.

    A strange-looking Maned Wolf, for he had seen these creatures before in his wanderings, was lying on the ground resting. While he had seen many wolves in his time never had he seen one so oddly colored. Had she been touched by the hand of Man too? A soft growl and a tremor from his tail let Azyr's mind leave the wolf before him as he reassured Cuddles that he wouldn't be needed, not yet at least. His telepathic link with the second head made such things easy and silent to communicate fortunately.

    Now his attention turned back to the wolf but only briefly as he saw something beyond the other animal. A small puddle of water, it was sitting about two yards away from the young she-wolf. The liquid made him realize that after eating his banquet of bugs he was quite thirsty. So, after a brief moment of debate where he told Cuddles to be ready lest he need him, the small creature stepped out of the undergrowth and boldly crossed the path of the wolf to the water. If he was lucky the wolf would let him to drink the water unmolested and maybe he'd get a sentient partner to talk with, if not then he'd have Cuddles ready and perhaps maybe an early meal for his second head.

    Notes: Hope you don't mind me popping in ^^'
    Words: 1027

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    - ★ - Czech Insignio Lark [ 000 words ] [ w.i.p. thanks for joinning ^_^ ]



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