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Thread: New to Weazyl!

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    New to Weazyl!

    Hello Weazyl and all who inhabit it! I'm here to try out a new art website. I have art accounts on other sites but want to try out others and expand. My sister also made an account. We are attempting to create our own original manga, but it's slow going. I live in Washington state (where it is currently 25 degrees Fahrenheit) or -3 degrees if you prefer Celsius. anyway I'd love to get to know some of the artists here, so say hi to me! I want to favorite things!

    I love:
    Creepy beasts
    Blob creatures
    Animals of all shapes and sizes
    Anime (right now, ATTACK ON TITAN RAWR)
    and beauty in general (with a twist)

    I hope this is enough words. Is there a wordcount or something?

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    It's good to meet you! I hope you enjoy it here.



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