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    Any young parents out there on Weasyl?

    I was just curious, Are there any other young mothers / fathers out there on Weasyl?

    I became a mother to my lovely son on August 19th, 2013!

    I had eclampsia, and ended up calling the advice nurse, having her tell me to go see the labor and delivery people at the hospital I'd wanted to give birth at, and not long after getting off the phone I had an eclamptic seizure and had to be rushed via ambulance to the hospital. After I got there, they had me in a room making sure I was stable and getting me ready to deliver the baby via c section. They had to deliver him then because that is the only cure for eclampsia! (Not being preganant anymore). Apparently there was a 3 hour gap between getting to the hospital and the surgery, and I was totally unaware of that time gap. I remember sitting in the chair talking to the EMTs, and the ride over to the hospital, and laying on the gurney down the hallway. Then things went fuzzy and basically after that I remember being in the OR getting prepped for surgery. I was pretty doped up on meds, so I didn't feel any pain, but I felt them cutting into my body, and the doctors pulling my son out of my uterus. It felt really weird! I still kind of remember how it felt!

    After I delivered, I guess I was sent to the recovery room... and the next thing I remember was being in the room I ended up being in for the next week until they were sure I was OK to come home. I had a catheter, which didn't really hurt going in but coming out since I wasn't on as much pain meds was kind of painful... and sad cus then I had to start getting up to pee. Which was exhausting and painful. The first 3 days with the morphine was amazing, and I now wish I would have asked for more of it, lol! If you ever get the chance to have IV Morphine, go crazy with it if you react well to it!!! I am glad that I got off of the IV stuff for the seizure, tho, it kind of hurt going in, oddly, and made me feel funky. Of course with the cocktail of meds I was on it wasn't nearly as bad as it coulda been.

    So now I have a gnarly scar and the most adorable precious baby boy. He was delivered 8 weeks before his due date, so he's a preemie, but he's doing very very well! He is laying in his baby swing next to me cooing and squealing (cutely) and giggling like crazy right now!

    I am so glad to have him - he is a joy.... Initially I wasn't sure I was ready for a baby (when I found out I was pregnant) but I couldn't be happier to have him now. I love him so very much!

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    Wow, congratulations! That's quite an experience. So glad you and the baby are well.

    I am due to be a dad this coming August actually...hopefully we can swap war stories. Ours was a surprise baby, we -were- planning on trying this year, but baby took the initiative. Oh, going to be having a little girl.

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    Your babby shares a birthday with me! Grats on being a parent!

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    Aw, that's adorable! And such a story to tell! I'm not a parent myself, although I did get married at a young age (19 derpderp) so I'm sure we'll end up being younger-than-average parents which is never a bad thing. Just means you'll get to bother your kids for a few more years!

    I do have a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago, she's 19 as well. I was a little worried for her because I feel it was just yesterday that we graduated high school together, but she's taken very well to motherhood. Her family is incredibly supportive, and she's surrounded by many friends so I'm sure her son will grow up to be a the cutest ginger ever!



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