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    140-Character Introduction Gran Prix

    140 is also the character limit for Twitter Posts.

    About 140 million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation.

    The MGL-140 is a 40mm, six shot revolver style grenade launcher.

    In the year 140 AD Ptolemy of Greece suggested a geocentric theory of the universe in the famous work Mathematike Syntaxis.

    "No. 5, 1948, a Jackson Pollock painting, has been sold for about $140 million in 2006.

    The heat wave of 2006 claimed the lives of 140 people in New York City.

    C-140B "JETSTAR" served as Air Force One during JFK's time in office.

    140 is a challenging minimalistic platformer with abstract colorful graphics. Rhythmic awareness is required to overcome obstacles controlled by an energetic, yet melancholic electronic soundtrack.

    The 2009 Film, "140", feature 140 filmmakers in 140 locations worldwide will be synchronized through the website to film 140 seconds at the same time.

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    140 welcomes to you!

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    Did you type 140 into google and just look through the first 140 results?

    I'm just gonna steal one of Stush's welcomes and reuse it to keep the 140 thing going.

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    I totally did. I got curious about the 140 character requirement and looked it up. I never knew about the Twitter character limit, as I do not use Twitter. As I was staring at these other search results about the number 140, I thought it would be a halfway interesting way to fulfill the forum's registration requirements.

    I honestly didn't think anyone would read this, so 140 thanks for looking!
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    Welcome to Weasyl, yo.

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    Not at all



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