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    I somehow end up on tumblr, checking ALL of my messages on everything I can find, looking through some refs, reading, play video games, play with my dog, bother people, look at music videos/parodies, or do little doodles.

    For whatever reason, just as I'm about to go to bed then I get sad and I say to myself: I could have done that art thing... could have, and I didn't. For shame.
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    Well, firstly I have a one year old son. So I find myself constantly waking up at 8-8:30 am and thinking to myself 'Yeah I'm gonna get SO MUCH DONE TODAY!!' then the next time I check the clock it's like 3pm and I'm like'... I can still do some stuff!' Then the next thing I know it's 9pm and I'm putting my son to bed. I'm so relieved to actually have some time to do what I want that I get really distracted really easily. Then suddenly I look at the clock and it's midnight and I curse because I know I need to go to bed to wake up with mah baby. xD it's difficult but I think I'm getting a lot better at it. I mean, sometimes I can actually get some laundry done.
    I'll try to make lists and stick to them but so many things pop up during the day oh my lanta it's always just so busy.

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    Omg some of these I'm laughing so hard at, probably because I can relate like 100% to. Sleep, tumblr & GAMING. Minecraft & Maple tend to get me although recently I've been pretty on-top of drawing; motivation's got ma back.

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    When I cant think of anything to draw I default to dragons :|

    Or I gather up my friends and draw giftart for them, at least I'm makin something thatll make my buds happy haha.
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    I play minecraft, browse forums (these one in particular have been pretty popular for me). I look through the gallery on here or on DA, I go through tumblr. I got upstairs and cuddle with the cats, I get bored of all of that, find something to snack on, then start over again. At least once a day for the past week or so I've been taking a shower just for the sake of sitting under the water.

    And then I might build something on my minecraft project, or work on my thumbnails for my comic, or work on world/prop building for my comic, or draw some other picture.

    Right now I'm trying to take it easy cause the cold has been upsetting my shoulder, so there has been much more bothering the cats, wandering the apartment at random, and eating food cause just being at the computer upsets my shoulder.
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    Get stuck on skype because someone I havent spoke to in forever appears right when I'm doing something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vae View Post
    I get distracted from drawing pictures by drawing other pictures.

    So I have a shit ton of unfinished pieces that I will probably never completely finish, or put a fraction of my full potential into, because the workload becomes overwhelming.
    Which leads to a lot of "Okay, I'm just going to flat color everything and randomly slap some shines on and maybe color the lineart just a little bit. Okay, done."
    Yep, that's me. I've got too many unfinished drawings sitting around. Some of them are almost done, and then I start working on something else and forget. >>;

    Other reasons for not working on things include: Reading this forum, browsing reference images, browsing tutorials on various things, playing videogames (especially Terraria), watching videos/cartoons, and chatting on Skype/Steam/IRC. Also, sleeping.

    EDIT: I forgot, eating. I can't draw while I eat, so then I watch videos in the meantime, and get distracted all over again.

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    Unfortunately that is a good portion of my day right there. I just pull up the image and look at it, minimize and go on youtube. Rinse, lather, repeat.

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    I have a day job :/ All I can think of while I'm at work is how much I'd rather be drawing/painting/sculpting.

    My goal tho is to get to the point where I DON'T have to worry about a day job just to pay the bills.

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    Honestly, the only thing that keeps me from drawing these days is that I'm just not interested in doing it. I'm not surrounded by what I feel is an environment that's conducive to draw anymore. On top of that, the distractions available to me require less energy to engage than pulling out the sketchpad and doodling mindlessly. What makes it worse is that a good few of those distractions offer immediately satisfaction, a double whammy to any desire to be artistically productive. That's something I'm working to overcome. This is all before considering that what I do for a living is as far away from drawing as you could possibly get. I imagine it's something similar for a lot of other folks.
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