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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    let's see I'm DeanFox here on weasyl, just call me Dean. to activate the forums you have to type one hundred and forty characters, I'd rather not count letters so... Incoming Humor!
    Well would you like to try counting letters to find you are one short? Anyway car guy music listener game player screwball ect... I'm a friendly sort of guy even if I don't look like it all the time. Incoming Humor!
    a man walks into a bar
    If I am confusing one hundred and forty characters with letters then I should be good by now, I think.

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    Nice to meet ya~ Hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome to the forums and glad you got that 140 barrier out the way (Characters is pretty much everything including spaces so you were well over the minimum :3)

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    Thank you



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