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    wat wat wat

    so hi. I'm tooiebird. And this is actually my first time ever using a forum. I was never big on using forums, but would like to be more involved with weasyl. So here I am :>
    Uhhh.. My fursona is a stupid, orange ostrich. And I draw lots. Oh, and I love sketchbooks! Please talk to me about sketchbooks!!


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    Hey tooiebird,

    Welcome to the Weasyl forums, and congratulations on your first forum post! You've beat the first hurdle and avoided the silly mistake of typing the whole message in the subject. (Which loads of people do)

    Your art is really pretty awesome looking! If I ever have enough funds sitting around I'll be sure to commission you at some point if that's okay

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    Thank you so much!

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    Nice to meet you! I hope you have fun here.



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