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    Hi hi
    Haven't really gotten around to make a weasyl forum account, but here i am!
    Kage Okami is in buisness!! >8D

    I'm not so familiar with forums, but i'm working on that. ^^

    Not really sure what to write here about meh. goes~

    Kage, lives in Norway, b-day in april, is a freaking Taurus (zodiac)
    Does art, practices on fursuit making, loves anime of whatever, ish singel and ready to mingle! 8D

    More or less...i'm pretty social online, but unsocial in RL. 8I
    I'm freaking weirdo....dauym gurl!

    Anyways, tadaaa! here i am!

    Kage Okami out of the building~
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    Welcome to the forums, KageOkami! You've got very pretty art. I'm sure you'll love the forums as much as the main site; people offer so much help here & is active a majority of the time.

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    Welcome to Weasyl!

    I'm sure you'll get the hang of forums soon enough. They're really all the same once you've used one

    Being weird online is usually a plus and you can have an awesome point for your honesty. Kudos.

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    Hope you enjoy your stay!



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