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    Taking Request(s) OC's, Creatures, Monster Fan Art (digimon/pokemon/monster rancher)

    Requests are currently closed.

    I will re-open for requests in a week or two.

    Hello! I decided that I'd like to try drawing some things for people.

    I have had trouble drawing much lately because of shoulder problems, and I want to exercise my drawing arm and shoulder some to get back up to speed. So here I am asking for requests.

    I'll tackle them as best as my arm will allow at the time, I will not always include a background, and when I do they will be very simplistic and likely experimental.

    What I will and won't do

    I will take any request I feel I can handle

    I am highly likely to experiment with my coloring, lines, and backgrounds if I include one

    I will not take requests of anything sexual or fetishy in nature.

    I will occasionally close fan art requests, I love doing fan art, but I've been drawing almost exclusively pokemon for almost 3 years and I'm looking to get back in the habit of drawing other things.

    You can find current examples of my work here

    Completed work

    Delcatty For acinonyxjubatus

    Nine the Umbreon For Solaris-Meadow

    Lunatone For AineCleine

    Raiju For Sammacha

    Valve the Demon for Fake
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    Sure! One big cat pokemon coming up.

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    N ur kichin... eetin ur fudz! >3
    Would you like to do my pokemon character too? :>

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    Some pretty nice stuff in your gallery. I actually really like that Eelektross. Any pokemon you wouldn´t want to draw?? How about a Lunatone??

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    I really love pokemon, even though there are some I don't like I don't think there are any pokemon I would refuse to draw.

    And here is Delcatty! I tried out a different brush and experimented with how I handle lines for it, I hope you like it acinonyxjubatus.
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    If you are like me and love drawing monsters of mythology why not try this guy he is very interesting and it can take advantage of your imagination in that he has several forms
    I have an encyclopedia of mythical creature an every so often I choose a monster I dont hear much about to draw, currently I am working on the questing beast.
    I think Rajiu would be an awesome creature to experiment with. I pulled him from my book and wiki'd it for you
    I might even take a shot at him when im done with my other artwork

    ps: my book has no pictures, you have to imagine everything, perhaps something like this would help you too
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    if you wanna try drawing something less pokemonish i have valve here
    (his hair is plum now X3)
    he has some bright colours on his so thats often fun to play around with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammacha View Post
    Looks cool I'll definitely give it a shot!

    Quote Originally Posted by fake View Post
    I'll give him a go.


    Here's Nine, the umbreon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorenith View Post
    Looks cool I'll definitely give it a shot!
    cool, have fun with that guy



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