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Thread: Hello Weasyl!

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    Hello Weasyl!

    Hey there! I'm Black-Kat and that's the username I've got here and on FA!

    Notifications say I have to make an intro post before I become a Registered User [and I really wanna upload an icon and the works] so.... Here goes!

    I consider myself mainly a "Hobby Artist" as I generally just draw for fun, but I do take some commissions here and there from time to time!

    My preference of media is definitely Digital, as I can't draw traditional to save my life like I used to! My favorite things to draw include but are not limited tooooo:

    Animals, Pokemon/Digimon, Kemonomimi, Kemono, Humans, and Cutie things in general! My style can be described as "Moe/Anime-ish" and I hope to improve and become a better artist and possibly do a few online comics in the future!

    Other things I enjoy include Cats/Rabbits/Birds/Wolves/Animals, Food, Stuffed Animals/Cute stuff, Sleep, and Doodling.

    I would really like to make some artsy friends on here! Thank you for reading! (*^▽^*)/

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    Nice to meet you! I hope you have a great time here.



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