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    I'd be willing to offer up art for anyone needing contests prizes, as this is what I used to do in the group I was in on dA. I can also draw up something for the coloring book (As a heads up, everything I do is traditional). I'm also loving the Big Bang idea and the Monthly Character Art Contest.

    Not sure if this has been suggested, but in one of the groups I was in on dA, every few months, people would write up a story and people would take one line and draw one picture to match the line they chose. So, every line had its own picture. (So of course the challenge is writing a descriptive sentence that can be drawn and then coming up with how to draw it). This might be a project that could go under the Big Bang suggestion if that's one way people want to do it.
    No matter what happens, I will have always produced more visible work on my solo project than Ken Penders has on his in the last five years.

    I write and draw a manga. It's like a backwards comic. Give it shot, bro.

    "You can't just slap "& Knuckles" onto everything." & Knuckles

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    How about a small group of furs to welcome new members on the introductions thread? This always helps people feel like they're part of things, and just feels nice in general.

    And, I noted my welcome still didn't get any replies! Not that I'm gonna cry, or nothin, but...


    Kidding, kidding.

    Though I'd be willing to help with such a project.



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