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    Quote Originally Posted by Toshabi View Post
    This thread honestly makes me feel like people use mental disorders as an excuse to not deal with their problems.
    Ah yes, the "suck it up" attitude. Are there people that use mental disorder as a way to shirk responsibility? Of course. Just like there are people who use "lol I'm just trolling" as an excuse to shirk responsibility for being genuinely shitty people. In any event, it's hardly fair to tell people with genuine problems to suck it up like the rest of the populace just because there are some fakers.

    Quote Originally Posted by lorenith View Post
    What makes you feel like that? Seems like most people in this thread are trading methods they have learned to help them cope with whatever mental illness they have.
    He feels like that because he's tossing the usual "suck it up" firebrand into the conversation to try and anger people. You know, trolling (that and a genuinely shitty attitude towards the mentally ill).

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    I'm slowly getting back to a point where I absolutely need to get back on my pills.
    I don't think that sheer power of will and smoking are going to help enough to numb things to where I can do the most basic of shit that I need to do, any more.
    It's annoying.
    Resident Koopa Trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post

    I'd like to step in and make the point that this topic is for the discussion of the concept and experience of mental disorders. It was made evident in the original post that this discussion is being carried out under the shared assumption that these disorders are real.

    Let's not start this again. Stay on topic.

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    Not getting the above, but..

    I've not been taking my prozac the way I should have. I, for whatever reason, freak the hell out when I open the bottle. Then I dont take it, and then a general state of "oh god what now" happens.

    I think my doc called it PTSD, but whatever the hell it is it sure sucks.

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    I have moderate clinical depression with suicidial ideas (I used to be a self-harmer) and social anxiety. I also experience mild gender dysphoria (more of an uncomfortable feeling than a full blown depression regarding it...I have no need to transition to be honest). I also tend to feel as if I should be an animal other than a human (I'm a therianthrope but I don't want to go into detail since I don't consider therianthropy to be a mental disorder or illness...feel free to PM me about it) and because of it tend to get depressed over being the wrong species (it's a lot more intense than the gender dysphoria).

    Basically a lot of depressive issues with me.
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    Autism and lerning difficultys

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    Mod Update

    This will be the final warning issued within this thread. Any further instances of off topic posting and blatant low content posting will be infracted and banned from the thread

    Any instances of insulting users, flame baiting, unchecked aggression, or behavior which otherwise seeks to demean the users and create a toxic environment of discussion will be banned from the thread and possibly temporarily banned from the forums

    This is a topic with serious implications of the lives of individuals involved. Not every user is expected to be fully knowledgeable of all aspects of mental health, but are expected to be respectful of the positions of others. If you disagree with a user, a viewpoint, or other topic point you may calmly and reasonably state your position and reasons why.

    For further clarification of what is currently on topic:
    -Discussion of Mental Illness faced by the user or those known to the user
    -Advice, Possible treatments, adaptations, and other methods of dealing with mental illness
    -Advice and otherwise discussion of how to interact with those facing mental illness

    Basically overall discussion on those that suffer from mental illness and the day to day processes people go through in association with mental illness.

    Please note
    Discussion of how mental illness is treated in society, and the merits of current diagnosis, self diagnosis, and public response is a complex and heated issue and may for the purposes of thread integrity require another thread. If you wish to further conversation on this particular topic please start a new thread on the subject.

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    I have more than a few problems, but I keep everything together because men aren't allowed to cry. Just put some dirt in the wounds and piece everything together because that's what healthy people do. They don't let tiny things get to them, so I can't let it get to me, or other people win. And I want to see that they don't win if that's their intention.

    I am a Nice man with Happy feelings. This is what I have realized over the years, so things work a hell of a lot better for me. :3

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    For years now I've lacked true passion or the ability to enjoy things like most people can. I love to draw or play video games and things, but oftentimes these activities feel like a chore. I feel more or less bored all the time, and oftentimes negative things generating no negative response from me, nor positive things generating no positive response. I largely lack the ability to care about myself or my life. There is no reason for this, but it's left me feeling empty for such a long time despite whatever I do to attempt to manage it. It's frustrating that I just can't be as happy as other people.

    It's even better now that my friends are all graduated. Hanging out with them was at least temporary reprieve from not caring. Now they're gone, and all I do is nothing but go to class, do the work, and sleep. I don't enjoy it. Something tells me I'll end up working some shit job and not enjoy that, either. Then I'll die.

    Self-diagnosis or whatever, but I am guessing this is depression.

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    Re-posting from last month, since I said that I would do a re-cap when I got "officially" diagnosed. I am now diagnosed with depression and anxiety (the psychiatrist didn't say what kind), and I was also taking Zoloft for a short while before waning off of it, as it was making me feel worse.

    Good luck to everyone with their issues, too! I hope the best for you!



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