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    Of course the necessarily hello

    SO Y'know doing that thing
    to fully make myself a member here.

    Hi, I am Jotaku. I often go by Jo or Jojo, though. My weasyl is also Jotaku. I like to help out communities and be involved the best I can. Joining these forums to see about working out ways with other interested users on user-run projects and events to better keep the site active and fun for all. : )

    OTHERWISE UHHHH;;; I'm a huge weeb, drawing is next to the only thing I do, and I aspire to have a webcomic someday soon.
    So hello weasyl forum users! ;;;

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    Aaah, your name sounded familiar and when I checked your art-gallery I recognized you right away.
    Welcome to Weasyl! c:

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    Oh man, thank you very much! :DD



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