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    That looks lovely! You seem to have a good sense of form! Which is important. Just keep practicing, draw whenever you can, don't worry too much about not producing works of art! And remember, you'll always be improving, you'll never be perfect, You've already gotten past the part most people give up at!

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    That's quite gorgeous! Everyone here has given solid advice. Props to you for using a mouse! I've actually met an artist who does incredible realism with a mouse. I think everyone just has preferences as to mouse or tablet, and a tablet is an incredibly helpful tool and for an artist such as myself and many other digital artists it's absolutely essential. But hey, gotta work with what you have, and I'm really impressed with the quality and skill presented in this picture!

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    Thank you all again! I much prefer using my tablet than a mouse, anyways, so that shouldn't be an issue next time around. I really enjoyed doing this piece and will take all of your suggestions into consideration when trying out another.
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